RRN/CWW Initial Humanitarian Response to Nepal Earthquake

RRN/CWW Initial Humanitarian Response to Nepal Earthquake

Geographic coverage Talmarang VDC in Sindhupalchowk district and Bhirkot, Chilankha, Gairimudi, Hawa, Japhe, Jhule, Laduk, Malu and Mirge VDCs and some parts of Jiri and Bhimeshwor Municipality in Dolakha district
Project duration 1st May 2016 to 31st May 2016
Budget € 2,25,048 (NPR 25,08,835)
Funding partner/s  Bread for the World
Target groups Earthquake victims of 10 VDCs and a municipality in Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha districts. 10,092 Households (with population size of 43,497)
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The devastating earthquakes of 25th April and 10th May 2015 have taken the lives of 8,856 and injured over 22,309 individuals nationwide. It affected over 8 million population leaving 3 million homeless across 32 districts. Therefore, to address the immediate needs and requirements of the affected population in the remote and rural districts, RRN, in partnership with Concern WorldWide (CWW) implemented the “Initial Humanitarian Response to Nepal Earthquake” in 9 VDCs and 1 Municipality in Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha districts. Under this programme, various non-food items (NFI) required in day-to-day activities of a household have been distributed.


To provide immediate relief aid for emergency shelter/NFIs and WASH supplies for the victims of the earthquake hit districts. 

Details and specifications of support materials

Following items were included in a set of NFI kit distributed:

  • Fleece Blankets x 2: Synthetic (Fleece), 1.5 x 2 m, Medium Thermal, 2.5 TOG, Colour: Grey
  • Jerry Cans x 1: 10 Litre, Collapsible type with cap 
  • Hygiene Kits x 1: IFRC Type: 3 x washing powder, 1kg; 12 x toilet paper; 12 x body soap, 100g/piece; 5 x toothpaste 75 ml/tube; 5 x toothbrush; 2 x shampoo, 250 ml/bottle; 5 x razor, disposable; 8 x hygienic pads; 5 x hand towel, 100% cotton, 60x30cm
  • Sleeping Mats x 2: Synthetic sleeping mat (Plastic), Size: 180cm x 90cm, IFRC standard
  • Plastic Sheets x 1: IFRC Standard; HDPE weaven laminated fabric, UV treated; Finish size: 4x6 meter; Colour: white on both sides; Reinforced bands; Reinforced eyelets on each meter on all sides
  • Rope x 1: Nylon cord, braided, 3m length
  • Water purification: Aqua tabs, water guard or similar
  • Water jug x 2: Nepali style ‘mug’, plastic.


  • Successful distribution of immediate relief items to the victims in rural and remote areas of Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk districts,
  • Ensured that all the people of the affected area are adequately covered with the support items.

Key Achievements

  • All the households and affected victims in the target areas were duly covered with the relief items without missing a single household.
  • All the relief materials distributed were deemed very high quality and were much appreciated by the recipient communities. 

Lesson Learnt

  • A finalised list of beneficiaries in the VDCs at the very beginning, which should be approved by VDC authority and party leaders, is a prerequisite in order to avoid the duplication and ensure non-segregation of the needy people. 
  • Assessment of needs, depending upon the family size, as smaller families can cope with smaller amount of support and joint families need larger quantity of items. 
  • Taking care of pregnant women, lactating women and elderly need some specific commodities. 
  • Socio-counselling together with material distribution is an integral part of the relief component that alleviates hypertension in the household and promotes social cohesion for combating vulnerability.

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