Temporary Shelter Construction for the EQ Survivors

Temporary Shelter Construction for the EQ Survivors

Geographic coverage Guchhiwang Kaule-9 to Shaktikhor-8, Jutpani Bazar
Project duration 2.5 Months, 2015
Budget €  2,02,028 (NPR 2,25,22,081)
Funding partner/s  Shapla Neer, Japan
Target groups Earth Quake Victims of Guchhiwang, Kaule-9, Chitwan District
Project Leader  Mr. Ritu Silwal



In Chitwan district, out of 25 VDCs, nine VDCs are located in the hilly areas, which were badly affected by the April and May 2015 earthquakes. Among these, Kaule is one of the most affected VDCs, in which more than 1000 houses were fully and partially damaged. According to the technical committee report, some villages must be relocated. Kaule-9 Guchhiwang tole is geographically vulnerable to the natural disaster. DDRC & technical committee decided to relocate them at Shaktikhor, Jutpani. All stakeholders initiated to construct the shelters. According to the appeal of DDRC and mutual coordination with DDRC Chitwan, Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) and Shapla Neer (SN), Japan developed a modality of relocation for 24 households. The construction phase started on 19th June and completed on 21st August 2015. Post construction and resilient programmes and income generating activities for the affected HHs were  implemented. With view to the approaching rainy season, the affected people were in the urgent need of temporary shelter assistance. 

In Chitwan district, RRN/SN had supported relief materials to the affected families of Darechok, Kaule, Chandivanjyang, Dahakhani, Korak, Birendranagar, Lothar VDCs in coordination with DDRC. Similarly, RRN/SN and DDRC Chitwan planned to support Cash Coupon to the severely affected 63 HHs of Kaule, Darechok and Lothar VDCs, which was underway. However, the story took a different mode of constructing the temporary shelter for earthquake survivors. DDRC appealed to all stakeholders to involve in temporary shelter construction for affected HHs. In response to this appeal, RRN/SN and DDRC planned to construct temporary shelters (low-cost housing) at Shaktikhor VDC in Chitwan district for earthquake-affected people of Kaule 9, Guchhiwang, who were residing in the disaster prone zone. 

During the execution of low-cost housing construction, RRN/SN was closely coordinated with District Disaster Reduction Committee, Chitwan, and respective VDC, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police and other relevant stakeholders.  Each affected HH also contributed to erect the infrastructure. The local community also contributed in constructional activities.


To protect the lives of Guchhiwang, Kaule Earthquake survivors by constructing of 24 temporary shelters,

Expected Results

Provided resilience to the lives of badly affected 24 households living in landslide high-risk area of Guchhiwang, Kaule VDC, Chitwan.

Key Achievements 

Resilient lives of the EQ survivors at the time of huge EQ in Nepal

Impact on GESI and Environment

There were 24 HHs of Dalit families with the total population of 192. The project has applied participatory approach from the beginning, and non-discrimination approach was ensured.  Construction 8 toilets, 4 bathrooms, 2 water taps, etc took place.  The locally available resources were utilised to construct the houses and other facilities. Food was provided during the construction phase for the entire families.   

Lessons Learnt

Construction of temporary shelters for 24 HHs within a short period of 2 months became possible in a close coordination with the local stakeholders. Moreover, consequently, support received from the government line agencies as well as the local communities.

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