Success Stories

Story of Bal Kumari Thapa

Bal Kumari Thapa is a hardworking, diligent farmer living in Boch, Ward 8, Bhimeshwor Municipality, Dolakha District. She is 50 years old. There is an example of animal husbandry (cows, chickens) in Boch-8. She has been raising cows and cultivating vegetables commercially.

Her previous condition was a bit weak. She was barely making a living by farming. Overall, her family situation was vulnerable. About 4 years ago, she contacted an organization called Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN). RRN has been working in agriculture by forming groups in the community. In collaboration with RRN, she started cattle breeding by purchasing cows with a 50% subsidy. She says, "I have started with one cow and am currently increasing the number of cows in my house. My husband, son, and daughter-in-law also help me. We collect 15 liters of milk per day (in winter). We sell it at a nearby dairy. We earn a monthly income of Rs. 24,000 from cattle breeding.”

In collaboration with Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), we have been cultivating plastic tunnels and seeds with a 50% subsidy. In vegetable farming, we produce tomatoes, eggplant, greens, cauliflower, cucumber, and beetroot and sell them in the nearby market in Charikot. We have been cultivating seasonal and non-seasonal vegetables commercially on 7 ropani of land and earning an annual income of Rs. 60,000 to 80,000. I have 1 son and 2 daughters. We all work together. We do not use chemical fertilizers in vegetable cultivation, instead, we have been collecting cow urine/dung and using it in vegetable farming. My son helps me just as much and doesn't talk about going abroad. My son says, young people do not hesitate to go abroad and work hard, but they are reluctant to work in their own country, but I want to do something in my own country.

He also took training in vegetable farming which has helped us greatly. In this way, income from vegetable farming, animal husbandry, house expenses, education of children, etc. has become easier. In the same way, we have added a little bit of land with the income from here.

We seem to have made a lot of progress to date. Happily, we have been able to inspire others, even our neighbors. Seeing what we have done, the farmers living in the neighborhood have also started raising cattle. We also plan to increase the number of cows and calves in the coming days. We are thinking of increasing the number of cows and selling the milk in dairies instead of selling it.