CACs Supporting Increase Vital Registration Rate

CACs Supporting Increase Vital Registration Rate

A survey carried out by Department of Civil Registration in 2014 showed that birth registration rate was 58.4% in Nepal. A mini survey on vital registration carried out in 2016 by the same department showed the both marriage and birth registration rate of 76%. The birth registration rate in mountain region was found 58%, much lower than in hill and Terai region. 

Ensuring vital registration of each individual and households remains a major challenge in Nepal. Vital registration creates legal documents; but in lack of them citizens are likely to be deprived of their rights--in the family and as citizens. As data indicate, there is a big gap in this and consequent violations and deprivation of rights. Among others, women also suffer because of not having legal documents of their marriage and birth of children. 

An issue every Citizen Awareness Centre (CAC) formed by CDP has discussed is the vital registration. The awareness brought to the communities in the remote areas through the CACs are expected to increase the vital registration rate in programme districts. How Parvarti Badhuwal of Rowa-3, Mugu was able to claim her rights and mend her relationship with her husband is an example. 

Parvarti Baduwal is 33 years old with 6 children. She was married when she was barely 16. Unfortunately, she had to face abuse and violence of her husband, Padam Baduwal. Unable to tolerate the physical abuse and threat to kill, she fled home. But her relatives and neighbours consoled her and brought her back. Not only this fragile relationship, their marriage and birth of children not being registered made her more vulnerable. 

She became a member of CAC formed by CDP. After she knew about vital registrations and her basic rights thorough REFLECT sessions, she went to Women Development Office and then Women Cell in District Police Office in Gamgadhi. Before legal process of her complaint, Malika CAC intervened to the case. The CAC members found Padam Baduwal who was hiding himself away and did not care about the marriage and birth registration demanded by his wife. But the CAC members mediated and reconciled the couple. Because of pressure from the CAC and other community members, Mr Baduwal has agreed to abandon violence against his wife, reconcile with her, register their marriage and birth of children, and then get citizenship certificate for her. He put Tika on his wife's forehead and they have begun a new life. 

Women Development Office and police office were informed of this reconciliation. 

Parvati Baduwal expressed her gratitude to the CAC members for bringing peace in her family and helping her get citizenship certificate.

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