An Urgent Appeal for Emergency Relief Response to Flood Affected People in Terai Districts of Nepal

An Urgent Appeal for Emergency Relief Response to Flood Affected People in Terai Districts of Nepal

Aug 16, 2017

People in Terai are currently living in a terrible situation created by the torrential monsoon rainfall since 11th of August 2017, the worst rains in 15 years. The incessant rainfall has triggered a massive scale of flooding and landslides in 21 districts of Terai belt, where more than 80% of its agricultural land and 35,000 houses have been inundated and 11.5 million people have been affected. Essential services such as road transportation, communication and electricity supply have been disrupted and cut-off in many parts of districts. So far, 123 deaths have been recorded and the number may go up as information is still being updated.

The people who have been rescued are facing the severe shortage of food, safe drinking water and shelters. They are also vulnerable to water induced epidemics. Especially women, children and elderly people are facing the severe problems as communicable diseases are spreading in absence of sanitation facilities and shelters. Therefore, there is an urgent need to identify the hardest hit communities and immediate delivery of relief materials to the affected population. In the next phase, these people will need recovery and rehabilitation support as well.

Over the years, RRN has been responding such national and local disasters, latest examples was the earthquake - 2015. RRN has its presence in most of the affected districts through its regional and project offices and they have already been mobilized for the emergency relief work.

RRN has planned 3 phases of flood response:

  1. Immediate relief support by providing emergency relief materials,
  2. Recovery support and
  3. Rehabilitation support to the affected communities.

On this note, RRN has taken a serious step to address the flood affected people in the first phase. It has mobilised the Disaster Relief Fund worth NPR 54 lakhs (6 lakhs for each district) in order to provide food items in worst hit 9 Eastern Terai districts under the UKaid funded Community Development Programme (CDP) in coordination with the local DDRCs.

A Flood Response Coordinating Team has also been formed at the central office in order to coordinate all response efforts effectively. The team is responsible for identifying the actual need on the ground, mobilizing resources in coordination and collaboration with government mechanisms including National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) under Ministry of Home Affairs, District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRCs) and other humanitarian organizations, assuring timely and quality delivery throughout the process.

Though we have reached to a segment of the affected population, the majority of affected communities are still struggling for their lives. In such grave times, swift and necessary assistance needs to be provided in order to halt further damages.
RRN would like to appeal to our funding partners, national and international humanitarian organisations and other interested parties to provide support in order to reach the maximum number of flood affected people.

Ms Mana Dahal Mr Gyan Bahadur Adhikari
President, RRN Executive Director, RRN

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