One River One Community for Disaster Risk Reduction Project

  • Publish Date: Jan 30, 2021
  • Submission Date: Feb 15, 2021

Rural Reconstruction Nepal-RRN invites sealed bid from Nepalese eligible bidders for Construction of earthen embankment along Raktnae river bank in Madi Municipality Chitwan. The detail of work is given below.


Name of Work

Description of work

Quantity of Work (Cubic Meter)

Estimated Length of Construction (KM)


Construction of Earthen embankment on given design and drawing by Hydraulic Excavator (River Span: 20 to 35 m, Top width: 4 to 6 m, Inner height from river bed: 2.50 m and side slope 1:1) including the proper site clearance, removal of trees, bamboos and other site obstacles approved by Engineer.

Earthen embankment  construction by using locally available borrow earth (river bed) in specified layers with watering and proper compaction in each layer (0.50 m.) including the cost of borrow earth all complete  15 m. lead and lift.













2.583 KM in both sides of river (In total 5.166 KM)

Earthen embankment construction in specified layers with watering and proper compaction in each layer (0.50 m.) including the cost of borrow earth all complete, 1 km. lead distance.





 Earth work of excavation of river bed and safe disposal 15 m. lead and lift and the leveling of river bed.




The bidder should have the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Company/Registered firm/institution profile having Registration certificates with Renewal.
  2. Tax clearance certificates of last year (i.e. 2077/078).
  3. At least two years of work experience of undertaking similar work and having own heavy equipment including 220 excavators.
  4. Registered in IRD and having VAT/PAN certificates.
  5. Valid license with renewal for such undertakings if required by the prevailing rules & regulations.
  6. The firm/institution/company which is already declared blacklisted and ineligible by the GoN, shall not be eligible bidder.
  1. Details of Bid
  • The bid form can be downloaded from RRN website.
  • Last Date and time for Submission of Bid document is 2021/02/15, 17:00 Hrs. at RRN Project office, Madi Chitwan or RRN central office Gairidhara Kathmandu
  1. The bid document shall comprise the following:
  • Letter of Bid
  • Eligibility documents
  • Priced Bill of Quantities


RRN will not bear any cost of bidders that may arise while preparing and submitting the bid. RRN reserves right to accept or reject any bids fully or partially without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

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