In view of local elections that is scheduled to be held on 14th May, 2017, Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) urges all its staff to adhere to the election code of conduct, effective from 21st April, 2017.  

The following points of the code of conduct are guided by RRN’s Basic Operating Principles (BOPs) and staff code of conduct: 

  1. 15th of May 2017 is declared as a holiday for voting purpose in the central office.
  2. 12th - 15th of May 2017 are declared as holidays for voting purpose in the district offices.
  3. Monitoring field visits are to be halted a week before and a week after the date of election. In case of any emergencies, approval must be taken directly from immediate manager.
  4. Field activities particularly training, workshops and group meetings/interactions are to be halted three weeks before and a week after the date of election. However, staff need to be at the office to perform other relevant managerial or administrative functions including documentation and reporting.
  5. Managers/Regional and District Coordinators should assess and update the changing local context of their respective field sites, through media or direct communication with field staff, and ensure that regular pro-active communication with beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders is maintained. Managers should make necessary security arrangements for staffs and office with help from the HR Manager and Regional/District Coordinators if seen necessary.
  6. Staff should carry their identity cards at all times. Immediate line manager should be contacted whenever in need (especially in case of any incidents).
  7. Cash and/or in kind donation as well as any services on behalf of RRN to any political parties are strictly prohibited.
  8. When on duty, staff members should maintain political neutrality. This means not using organization’s vehicles to attend political events, or wearing clothing or anything else with the logo of RRN or its programs which could suggest that they are taking part on behalf of RRN.
  9. In case staff are forced to participate in activities of any political nature, then staff should be inactive-passive (avoid making speeches, joining rallies, carrying slogans or banners etc) and maintain a low profile.
  10. All staff should be extra cautious in preventing development platforms from being misused for political purpose.
  11. Upon request from the Election Commission, if any staff needs to be an election observer, he/she should take consent from the Executive Director through their direct line managers.
  12. While using any social media platform, this Code of Conduct should not be breached. 

Endorsed by: 

Gyan Bahadur Adhikari
Executive Director
Rural Reconstruction Nepal  

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