Strengthening And Phase Out Of The Rural Women’s Empowerment Program In Dolakha

Strengthening and Phase Out of the Rural Women’s Empowerment Program in Dolakha

Geographic Coverage

Tamakoshi Rural municipality ward no. 2 Jhule, ward no. 7 Hawa (former Jhule and Hawa VDC) and Baiteshwor Rural Municipality ward no. 1,2,3 Gairimudi and Mirge (former Gairimudi and Mirge VDCs)

From: 2022/04/01

To: 2023/03/31


EUR0 22100

Project Status

Phased Out

Target Groups

and Beneficiaries

The intended beneficiaries of the projects are rural marginalized and vulnerable women whose socio-economic status and RH health access are low and need a change through sustainable approaches.

Funding Partners

DKA/KFB Austria

Project Summary

The project is the final phase of Women’s Empowerment through Community Based Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project (WEP-I, II, III, IV) and Improving Reproductive Health and Nutrition Status of Rural Women (IRHNP-I, & II).


Since the beginning, these projects’ main focus has been on improving the livelihood through different interventions related to agriculture and livestock simultaneously aiding the reproductive health of rural women in project-implemented areas. As per the targeted objectives, these projects are continuously contributing to uplifting rural women’s lifestyles through different activities. The project also focuses on increasing self-help groups’ capacity and skills development.


The main objective of the phase-out program is to provide complementary support with three major activities:

  1. Complementary/additional support to the income generation/economic empowerment-related activities of ongoing and past project
  2. Impact assessment/documentation of learnings and its dissemination
  3. Monitoring and handover of project initiative to communities and concerned authorities

Expected Results

As per the exit strategy, the project will mostly be focused on the part of monitoring the project impacts and strengthening a few initiatives. At the end of the project, it will facilitate the initiatives to be handed over to local government and cooperatives.

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