Geographic coverage

Jhule, Mirge and Hawa VDCs of Dolakha District

Project duration July 2016 to December 2018
Budget NPR 6,037,500
Funding partner/s  Hilfswerk der KatholischenJungshar (DKA)
Target groups

Earthquake affected people of coverage VDCS



Rehabilitation Support for the Construction of Earthquake Resilient House to the Earthquake Affected People of Dolakha District project aims to support earthquake affected people of project areas by technology transfer on construction of low-cost earthquake resilient houses. The project has adopted the technology based on the results obtained from the study carried out on 'local interlocked soil cement brick as the construction material' for the construction of earthquake resilient houses. The project is also providing machinery equipment. The project is also focused on the capacity development of rural people for the construction of earthquake resilient houses.


- To build capacity of rural communities for the construction of earthquake resilient house and accessibility of construction materials locally in project VDCs and beyond in Dolakha district.
- To build awareness and capacity on low-cost earthquake-resistant technology.

Expected results

- Economic resilience in the earthquake-affected VDCs.

Key achievements (As of December 2016)

- As a result of masonry and retrofitting training provided by the project, earthquake-affected people started to reconstruct their buildings as per the basis of Nepal Building Code.
- Trained masons are more familiar with the code of practices practically for the construction of the small-scale rural building.
- Study on 'local interlocked soil cement stabilised bricks' has been successfully completed.