Invitation for the sealed bids – Bidding Form

Rural Reconstruction Nepal

Central Office Gairidhara, Kathmandu Nepal

Field Office Biratnagar, Nepal


First Date of Publication: 31 Aug 2023


Invitation for the sealed bids

Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) invites the sealed bids from the eligible contractors for the construction of the following work.


Contract No.

Contract Name



Sealed Bid Validity Period

Bank Guarantee (after the contract is awarded)

Last date of submission


Teli khola -2 River training works (Embankment Construction)



Urlabari Municipality -02, Morang District

1 year

10% of the bid amount.

15 Sep 2023



Eligibility Criteria

 All Contractors shall submit the following documents as pre-requisites for the eligibility:

  1. Firm or Company Registration Certificate.
  2. Business Registration Certificate (License).
  3. PAN/VAT Registration Certificate.
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate (2079/80)
  5. Annual Turnover at least Npr. 5 crores (Npr. 50,000,000)
  6. Letter of Bid in Letter head with signed & stamped.
  7. Do have proven experience working/embankment construction project completion handover certification.
  8. Contractor must have necessary equipment such as excavator, roller etc.


Submission Address:

  1. Rural Reconstruction Nepal, Central Office, 288 Gairidhara Marg, Kathmandu Nepal 014004985/4004976
  2. Rural Reconstruction Nepal, Field Office, Vatta Chowk Biratnagar, Nepal 021-465646