Notice for Sealed Bid – For hardware supplies 2023

   Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN)

Requirements for Bidding for the Supply of Hardware Materials -Year 2023

  1. The bidder must meet the eligibility requirements and conditions set forth in the Sealed Tender Notice published in Kantipur daily on 3 March 2023 (19 Fagun 2079) and published in the RRN web site with down loadable bid formats.
  2. No Tenders shall be accepted electronically. Tender documents must be enclosed in an envelope sealed with sealing wax (LAH CHHAP). Tenders will be received and registered at the reception of RRN Central Office, Gairidhara, Kathmandu.
  3. The tender documents must be submitted within the stipulated time.
  4. The quoted prices must be in Nepali Rupees.
  5. The offered prices must not include VAT.
  6.  The offered prices should be in number only, duly filled up with neat and cleanly manners. In case there is a tamper at any place, the bidder should just cross such figure with a single line and duly put the corrected figure by its side with seal and signature of its representative at correction.
  7. The quotes can be submitted for one or more delivery points (Biratnagar/ParsaChitwan/Dang) but it should be for all items in the list.
  8. The bidder should put the seal of the Firm/company and signature of the authorized person on each page of the price list as well as on the outer face of the sealed envelope.
  9. Successful bidders should enter into a contract with RRN and start working immediately as per Purchase Orders placed by the Organization.
  10. The successful bidder must produce a bank guarantee and/or performance bond as agreed before entering into the supply contract.
  11. The mode of payment shall be wire transfer or cross cheque in favour of the supplier.
  12. The organization will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by the bidder in connection to the preparation and delivery of this Bid.
  13. No tenders will be accepted beyond stipulated time, non-compliance of the requirements of the bidding or conditional offer shall lead to rejection of the Tender.
  14. The organization reserves the right to accept or reject any bids, fully or partially, without assigning any reasons whatsoever. List of Hardware 2023