Citizen Empowerment To Improve Food And Nutrition Security Of Vulnerable Populations In Rolpa District, Lumbini Province, Nepal (POSHAN SUDHAR)

Geographic Coverage

Runtigadhi and Triveni RM, Rolpa District

Project Duration



EUR 1,083,927

Project Status

80% Complete

Target Groups

and Beneficiaries

The project targets women of reproductive age, children under 5 years old, farmers (majority women), local government representatives and officials, health workers and auxiliary nurse midwives, FCHVs, agriculture officers, local CBOs/networks members, women leaders, and lead farmers. The direct beneficiaries include 9,600 individuals and their households.

Funding Partners

Welthungerhilfe (WHH)/ German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Project Summary

The project aims to support the vulnerable and marginalized households in Runtigadhi and Triveni to improve food and nutrition security, and behavior change activities such as food and diet diversification and food consumption among other initiatives of children under 5 years, reproductive-aged women and their households.


 To strengthen the food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations through behavior change and empower citizens in the rural municipalities of Runtigadhi and Triveni, Rolpa district in Nepal.


The project supports vulnerable and marginalized households through

  1. Participatory Action and Learning-Linking Agriculture, Natural Resource Management for Nutrition Plus (PLA LANN+)
  2. Raising awareness
  3. Child Growth Monitoring (CGM), Positive Deviation (PD),
  4. Nutrition Education and Rehabilitation Program (NERP camps)
  5. Good Agricultural Practices
  6. Citizens’ Empowerment Capacity Development initiatives

Expected Results

  1. Result 1: Family diet diversity and food consumption of vulnerable and marginalized households are improved

  2. Result 2: Citizens, CBOs, and networks are empowered to actively participate in the planning process at the local level and engage in policy advocacy 

  3. Result 3: Two rural municipalities are enabled to implement food and nutrition master plans

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