Advancing WASH System In Poor And Marginalized Communities In Chitwan District

Advancing WASH system in poor and marginalized communities in Chitwan District
Speech competition supported by RRN/WHH/VCA on "Valuing Water" at Shree Rastriya
Madhyamik Bidhyala, Majbang, Kalika-10 on World Water Day 2021

Geographic Coverage

Kalika Municipality and Ichchakamana Rural Municipality, Chitwan District

Project Duration



EURO 279,310

Project Status

Phased Out

Target Groups

and Beneficiaries

The target households are mainly the marginalized hill communities of Chitwan District, where the majority of the population are Chepangs, Gurungs, Tamangs, and Magars. The proposed action directly targets 4,615 poor and marginalized households through specific interventions.

Funding Partners

Viva Con Agua/ Welthungerhilfe

Project Summary

This project is a continuation of a previous project. It aims to provide safe drinking water to 10 underserved communities, establish two water quality testing mini-labs, improve user-friendly water and sanitation facilities in six schools and six healthcare centers, and assist in implementing approved water and sanitation plans. Additionally, it will closely monitor communities declared as “total sanitation and water-safe” in five different areas to expand this successful approach to more communities.


The project focuses on achieving 7 indicators of total sanitation: 

  1. Regular use of the toilet,
  2. Proper washing with soap, 
  3. Safe drinking water, 
  4. Maintenance of personal hygiene and sanitation, 
  5. Proper solid and liquid waste management in and around homes
  6. Safe food and
  7. Menstruation hygiene


The overall objective of the project is to further advance municipal WASH systems by providing technical assistance for the implementation of WASH plans and to improve access to safe water and total sanitation for poor and marginalized communities.

Expected Results

  1. Result 1: Community-based institutions for water and sanitation management are strengthened
  2. Result 2: Access to safe and potable drinking water is improved
  3. Result 3: Hygiene and Sanitation practices of the target group are improved

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