Strengthening And Phase Out Of The Rural Women’s Empowerment Program In Dolakha

Strengthening and Phase Out of the Rural Women’s Empowerment Program in Dolakha

Project Summary The project is the final phase of Women’s Empowerment through Community Based Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project (WEP-I, II, III, IV) and Improving Reproductive Health and Nutrition Status of Rural Women (IRHNP-I, & II). Approach Since the beginning, these projects’ main focus has been on improving the livelihood through different interventions related to agriculture […]

One River-One Community For Disaster Risk Reduction In Madi

One River-One Community For Disaster Risk Reduction in Madi

Project Summary The OROC Project is drawn from the successful accomplishment of its earlier projects, Disaster Preparedness and Sustainable Livelihoods Project (DPSDP), Community Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction Project (CIDP), and Water Induced Disaster Risk Reduction Project (WIDP) aimed at strengthening the community’s resilience to the effects of water-induced hazards for vulnerable communities. Approach The […]

Advancing WASH System In Poor And Marginalized Communities In Chitwan District

Advancing WASH system in poor and marginalized communities in Chitwan District

Project Summary This project is a continuation of a previous project. It aims to provide safe drinking water to 10 underserved communities, establish two water quality testing mini-labs, improve user-friendly water and sanitation facilities in six schools and six healthcare centers, and assist in implementing approved water and sanitation plans. Additionally, it will closely monitor […]

Freedom From Forced Labour And Modern Slavery

Project Summary Bonded labour are used diversely in agricultural sectors, they can be seen exploited in agricultural land, barn, home, cattle grazing, ploughing, harrowing, husking etc. Age and gender too are factors that play into the nature of the task; male adults are used to plough the field and in harrowing while adult females are […]

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