One River-One Community For Disaster Risk Reduction In Madi

One River-One Community For Disaster Risk Reduction in Madi
Embankment work in the downstream area

Geographic Coverage

Madi Municipality of Chitwan District (14 toles of Raktai River corridor, up-stream and down-stream)

Project Duration



NPR 146,196,349

Project Status

Phased Out

Target Groups

and Beneficiaries

The project intends to benefit around 800 vulnerable households covering a total population of 3,800 residing in 14 toles in Madi Municipality.

Funding Partners

Shapla Neer

Project Summary

The OROC Project is drawn from the successful accomplishment of its earlier projects, Disaster Preparedness and Sustainable Livelihoods Project (DPSDP), Community Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction Project (CIDP), and Water Induced Disaster Risk Reduction Project (WIDP) aimed at strengthening the community’s resilience to the effects of water-induced hazards for vulnerable communities.


The project focuses on flood control measures around the Rakteni River corridor in Madi, Chitwan, based on the “One River One Community” Approach. This approach includes the overall management of a single river, from upstream to downstream, considering that everyone is equally vulnerable. Therefore, it considers the entire community to be one, encouraging active engagement of the people living in the areas surrounding the river corridor.


To reduce the damages caused by the flood disaster in Raktani River in Madi Municipality.

Expected Results

  1. Outcome 1: Strengthened flood disaster management capacity of CDMCs, WDMCs, LDMC, and Local Government and established the coordination mechanism among them.
  2. Outcome 2: Established Maintenance System of Infrastructure, made for reducing flood disaster risk in targeted river basins based on the ‘One River-One Community’ concept.

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