Photo story of relief distribution done in response to Covid-19

Date: 20th June 2020
Location: Kaling Kulbang, Ward no 1, Ichchhyakamana Rural Municipality

This is a photo story of Ms. Budh Maya Chepang, a local inhabitant of Sarling, ward no 1, Ichchhyakamana Rural Municipality. At the age of 27, Ms. Chepang is the mother of three daughters and two sons. Together with her husband, there are 7 members in her family. The youngest son was of 10 months whom she was carrying on her back.

The food produced by her family is hardly enough for 6 months. Budh Maya Chepang stays at home looking after her children and doing the household chores while her husband is a daily wage worker who worked as a coolie in the highway area of Ichhyakamana Rural Municipality. But due to the lockdown her husband has lost his job and has returned home.

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